Chenbro RM12800 Mini ITX 1U Rackmount Case

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Short description:
Includes 3 x 40mm Fans
Supports Flex ATX PSU

Chenbro RM12800 is ideal for a wide range of business applications, includes rackmount eyelets and handles for 19" chassis.

Dimensions W D H
370mm 306mm 43.5mm
Weight 2.8kg
Front Fan 2 x 40mm PWM Fans Included
Rear Fan 1 x 40mm PWM Fan Included
Top Fan -
Side Fan -
5"1/4 Bays 1 Slimline Optical
3"1/2 Bays 0 External 1 x 3.5" HDD Bay
Motherboard Mini ITX
Power Suppply Supports FlexATX PSU eg Seasonic SS-250SU
Front Panel Steel
Chassis Steel
Expansion Slots 1 Low Profile / Half Height- Requires Riser
Up to 160mm length when optical drive installed
Port Extensions USB Firewire Audio eSATA
0 0 0 0
Extras Includes SlimSATA Power Adapter
Includes Fan to 4pin Molex cable (full speed)

Includes 3 x 40mm Fans PWM support - these are high airflow models, note that a splitter cable is included to run these from a Molex 4pin supply, this results in them running at full speed which may not be suited in domestic or office installations. Use one of our PWM splitter cables or PWM distribution PCBs to share motherboard PWM fan headers. (PCB and cable)

Use with a low profile CPU cooler - 30mm height or lower, Intel retail coolers will not fit. Akasa K25 works great for Intel CPUs, ideally used with 65W or lower TDP in this chassis.

Uses FlexATX Power Supply - Seasonic SS-250SU is ideal. PSU sits recessed within the casing - either feed power cable into the case, or use the included male to female extension cable to connect the PSU. Connect earth cable to centre pin on PSU.

Backplate - 1U cases are lower in profile than a regular ATX IO shield - selected server motherboards can provide a 1U shield. For most consumer motherboards, this means either cutting the IO shield to reduce in height (cut both top and bottom slightly) or removing the IO shield entirely. Note that motherboards with a stack of 3 audio ports may require the top of the case to be pushed up by a millimetre or so to accomodate these.

Riser Card - PCI Express 16x or lower can be added using this riser. If Slim Optical drive is installed, card should be no longer than 160mm.

Depth / Length:

New features



Case Form Factor:
Mini ITX
Graphics Card Support:
Case Window:
Solid Panels
Case Lighting:
Case Slim Optical Bay:
Case 5"1/4 Bays:
Case 3"1/2 Bays:
Case Dedicated 2"1/2 Bays:

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