AcoustiPack Lite Multi-Layered

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Short description:
For Small Towers and HTPC Cases

AcoustiPack™ LITE is a cost-effective multi-layer soundproofing materials kit for standard size and small computer cases, including HTPCs and SFF cases. Each pack contains 2 large sheets of sound-proofing materials using our unique 4mm (2-layer) acoustic composite. This material is ideal for fitting within the narrow confines of modern enclosures yet it has superb noise reduction capabilities.Technical InformationSee technical details of our materials.

Overview - AcoustiPack™ LITE

Product Code: APL

What's In the Box?

2-Layer Sheets:

2 (4mm ±10%)


TOTAL Number of Sheets:


Product User Instructions:


Sheet Dimensions: (WxD, ±1%)

457 x 431mm (18 x 17")

Total Sheet Area:

0.394m² (4.24ft²)

Flammability Certificate:

UL94-V0 (UKAS Accredited)

RoHS Certified


Standard home PC case, ATX tower PC case, ATX desktop PC case. Small Form Factor PC case, media PC case, Shuttle PC case. Home Theatre PC case, multi-media PC case or home media PC case.

This pack is suitable for:

Suitable for any PC, but best suited for:

  • Standard Tower and Desktop Home PCs
  • Small NAS and small Home Servers
  • Media PCs, HTPCs and SFF cases
  • Case Form Factors: ATX, BTX, DTX. MicroATX, FlexATX

Packaging - AcoustiPack™ LITE

The AcoustiPack™ product range have been designed to be shipped to the end-customer without the need for extra packaging. The individual product packaging is not printed on one side, and is strong enough to withstand normal handling during transit. The cardboard has a min recycled content of 35%.


Individual Product Packaging:

APL x1

AcoustiPack™ LITE kit packaging. Image shows a printed brown cardboard package, with product label, and 'AcoustiPack' logo. The external dimensions are shown.

Recycling logo.

Pack Weight:

1.2Kg (2.64lbs)

Pack External Dimensions: (WxDxH)

470 x 445 x 15mm 
(18.5 x 17.5 x 0.6")

Multiple Products Packaging:

APL x12

Quantity per Shipping Box:


Shipping Box Weight:

14.4Kg (31.7lbs)

Shipping Box External Dimensions: (WxDxH)

480 x 460 x 220mm 
(18.9 x 18.1 x 8.7")

Distributor & Reseller Info:

AcoustiPack™ LITE

Product Bar Code: (EAN-13)


Fitting Recommendations

A computer case can be fitted from start to finish within about 30-45 minutes depending on the complexity of the case. Fitting recommendations are supplied in the User Instructions with the pack, and are available for download here:

Click to view PDFAcoustiPack™ User Instructions (90Kb)

Warning!Please take care to read the installation recommendations before installing this product. These materials are installed at the installer's own risk.


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