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Phanteks Enthoo Evolv Front Panel Modifcation

(£46.80 inc VAT)
Short description:
Hole Cut Modification and mesh install.

Modification: Jan 2019


Note - Modification services are postponed until January 2019 as we are busy with relocation during the remainder of 2018.

This is a service to be bought at the same time as a case (or if you post your front panel in we can perform the mod and ship the panel back to you). 

Adds 1 x rounded recntagular holes to the front panel to aid ventilation of front mounted radiators, then fitted with black mesh underneath (4mm holes) to protect.

Size is 235mm in height.

Remember - This is a service, not a physical product. By buying this, you don't get a new panel - you either buy the service at the same time as a case, or make arrangements to remove and send your existing top panel to us. Recommended only for UK customers - those elsewhere in the world will likely find that cost of shipping a panel in two directions makes this uneconomical.

Turnaround time is typically 1 week.

Black mesh is included in the modification price.


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