AquaComputer Radiator Cut & Fitting

(£38.40 inc VAT)
Short description:
(Hole cut and Radiator fitting service)

Modification: Jan 2019


Note - Modification services are postponed until January 2019 as we are busy with relocation during the remainder of 2018.

This is a service to be bought at the same time as a case (or if you post your top panel in we can perform the mod and ship the panel back to you). As well as cutting mounting holes for the Aquacomputer radiators, if you order this service with a radiator and fans, we will pre-fit the radiation and fans into the chassis.

It is designed to match the fan and hole pattern for AquaComputer radiators - please note it is *not* the same layout as 15mm spaced Thermochill radiators.

Ideally used with an AquaComputer Evo series grill as shown in the above illustration.

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