Phanteks Enthoo Window Fitting

(£36.00 inc VAT)
Short description:
Large Internally Fitted Acrylic Window

Modification: Resumes late 2019


Note - Modification services are postponed until January 2019 as we are busy with relocation during the remainder of 2018.

This is a modification service and covers the cost of fitting an acrylic square window into an existing case side panel.

For Phanteks Enthoo cases - either for models with or without existing window, this is a new larger design for a full view of your system internals.

Note that the acrylic is 3mm thickness clear - the photos show this with a blue protective film installed, when this is removed the window is completely clear.

This should be purchased with a case, or if you order on its own please make arrangements to send your side panel in to us.

Make sure your side panel is well packed with solid cardboard and bubble paper, to prevent damage in shipping to us.


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