Two Way Mirror Acrylic Sheet 610x488x3mm

(£32.40 inc VAT)
Short description:
2 Way Mirror Sheet

This Two Way Mirror Acrylic offers a unique twist on case windows - this sheet operates differently when your PC is off or on.

Essentially it works the same way as observation windows, where it is not possible to see through to the 'dark' side (instead seeing a mirror effect), but when you illuminate behind the material it is then possible to see through.

So what this means is, when your PC is off and without internal illumination - you cannot see anything inside the case. When you power up the PC and cathodes / LED strips / LED fans etc are powered up, you can see these through the window.

It's a cool effect and means your PC takes on a new look when powered off too.

Supplied as a 610 x 488mm sheet with saw-cut edges, intended to be cut down either to fit in to replace an existing sheet of acrylic on a windowed side panel, or if you use with our magnetic strip product, you can make a whole new side panel just from the sheet of acrylic.

The three photos show you the acrylic in action (and the reflection of my living room as a bonus).

*The first is with the PC powered off, and is nearly fully reflective.*The second with the PC powered up and a Phobya High Density LED strip installed - admittedly the camera does not fully capture, but it's more see-through to the eye than the photo suggests.*The third shows with a less powerful light, the multicoloured BlinkyTape LED Strip.

Some installation suggestions:

* Replace existing PC window - cut to size, and mount in place with double sided tape, either thin tape for flat panels (Product 20012) or thicker tape for panels with any bumps underneath (Product 2036)

* Replace entire side panel (as shown) - for steel cases, just cut to size of original side panel and attach magnetic strip (Product 20061) to top and base of panel to fix to the case. Aluminium cases would require both Type A and Type B magnetic strip which may be too thick - in which case, drilling and threading holes in the case and drilling the acrylic to match, then using our modding bolts products to secure (Bolts Section)


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