Alphacool Eislicht LED Panel RGB (no Controller)

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Short description:

312mm Length with Magnetic Screws and Tape Mounting Options


The “Eislicht” is starting a new evolution in case illumination.

Current LEDs have a very piecemeal illumination that’s anything but consistent. Older cathode tubes offered a much more pleasant light, but had a short lifespan and weren’t very easy to place due to their large size. The Alphacool Eislicht combines the long lifespan of LEDs with the uniform, consistent glow of a cathode tube.

In order to combine these advantages, Alphacool used a proven technology used in monitors and TVs for backlighting. This makes Alphacool the first manufacturer in the world to bring this technology to the market for computer illumination.

So that the Eislicht can be mounted in any position, Alphacool ships it with four screws with magnetic heads. This makes the Eislicht easy to install, as well as easy to remove and reposition. Since aluminium cases and plastic components aren’t magnetic, a double-sided adhesive strip is also included. The lights are powered through an RGB male plug.

An Aurora LED RGB Controller (Art. no. 1013887) is required for power supply and the RGB effect. This item is not included in the delivery and must be ordered separately.

Technical Details

  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 312 x 39 x 9mm
  • Material / Colour of the case: aluminum / black
  • LED Colour: RGB
  • Cable length: 150mm
  • Power supply: LED RGB male plug 

Scope of Delivery

  • 1x Alphacool Eislicht LED Panel - RGB
  • 4x magnetic screws
  • 1x Double-sided adhesive strip


Download 3D-file (.stp)

LED Lights - Colour:

LED Lighting

LED Lights - Connection:
  • RGB
  • RGB - Asus Aura
  • RGB - Bitfenix
  • RGB - Phobya
  • RGB - Gigabyte
LED Lights - Length:
LED Lights - Mounting:
Rigid Magnetic

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