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Mod/Smart Black Box Professional Stackable Inverter

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Sound Sensitive Inverter for Cathode Kits
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Mod/smart has done it again with its latest offering for the professional modders. We are excited to introduce `The Black Box"! A professionally designed CCFL Inverter with the modder in mind. The Black Box is the first inverter in the world to enable the user to add multiple inverters to each other without the need for multiple power input sources AND the ability to turn each independent inverter on or off with its own switch.Features:Single Power Input to power multiple inverters (up to 6 inverters tested)2x Regulated 3-Pin Cold Cathode Tube OutputPass-Thru 12 Volt Output to power other 12v devicesSwitchable ON/OFF per inverter (Choose the light that matches your mood)3x Jump Wires (6in., 12in. 24in.). Add an additional inverter somewhere else in your case (up to 24 inches away from the main inverter)Ability to securely mount with screwut (hardware not included)Indiscreet and Clean: Small Footprint, Black Casing and Black wiring.Included:One Black Box CCFL InverterJump Wires: 3x (6 in., 12in., 24in.)Pass-Thru Power InputSafety Plug Caps for live plugs not being used24in. Switch Harness with Mini Rocker SwitchDimensions: 49 x 64 x 23mm

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