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MNPCTech Full Clear Window For CM Cosmos II (Fan Holes)

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Window Panel with 2 x 120mm Fan Holes
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Made by Mnpctech.

Cosmos 2 Clear panel by Mnpctech won't include latches.

You must swap out your factory hinges and latches to our window panel for the Cooler Master II chassis. The chassis design cradles the Mnpctech Clear window panel in place. Cooler Master Clear Panels are machined in Cast Acrylic with edges polished by hand.

Note: Reulgar MNPCTech Overkill fan grills are not compatible with this panel. Overkill rings suitable for the panel are available in black and silver.

Take care when installing latches from your original panel - the screws must tap into the acrylic and should be installed perfectly straight and with gentle force. The screws are not strong and easily broken.

See at 4:46 in this video below for a guide to installation

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