ModMyToys Lighted Switch (Momentary) 19-22mm Black / White Power Logo

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Vandal Resistant Style (Hole size 19mm, Front Panel Diameter 22mm)


These new momentary and on/off switches are ideal switches for modding enthusiasts. When turned on, the ring around the push button illuminates in the specified color. In the case of momentary switches the illumination can always be on. Easy to install and will fit on a regular 5.25 drive cover or wherever you chose to mount it.

Manufactured from Aluminum and then anodized, this extensive range of vandal resistant security switches are designed for use in potentially hostile environments, such as access control applications or, in the case of pc modders, powering up your case to "on" or for use as a reset button.


  • Install diameter: 19mm
  • Switch rating: 3A/250VAC
  • Shape: Flat head
  • Function: Momentary (1NO1NC)
  • Led type: Ring illuminated
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Terminal: 6 Pin terminal
  • Crust material: stainless steel
  • Temperature: - 40 to 75 Degree

NOTE: Models in current stock are now rated at 12v. When connected to the 3.3v LED output they will illuminate dimly. For brightest illumination connect to a 12v supply.

Connect - and + connections to motherboard LED headers or to a 12v supply (eg to a fan header). Connect pins 3 and 4 for switch.


If you want to wire up your own cabling, 2pin header kits are available here. For general installation, a ready made wiring kit is also availablehere. Note that when using the ready-made wiring kit, you will need to either crimp the spade connectors or remove them and thread the wire on to the switch, as the 16mm switches use smaller terminals than the larger switches that the above kit is normally used for.

Please see our detailed installation guide on this forum thread:

Recommended Mounting Hole Size : 19mm


LED Lights - Colour:

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