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CardKeeper CK08-1225-CROSSFIRE

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(For ATI 4850 - 5870)
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Your PC's expansion cards can become dislodged or even damaged when you move or bump your PC. CardKeepers retention brackets ensure that your graphics, sound and other expansion cards always remain secure. Available in eight different sizes, CardKeepers install easily with the same screw used to attach the slot bracket to your PC. Perfect for LAN gamers and others who regularly transport their machine!

This model was specifically created to support ATI Crossfire video card installations an will work with most any video card.

Compatible with 4850, 4870, 4870X2, 5850, 5870 video cards *without* full cover heatsinks. Eg only cards with an exposed PCB edge are suitable.

Some cards may require a section of the CardKeeper to be cut away for Crossfire use.

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