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CardKeeper CK03-1225-SLI (Large Graphics Cards / 8800)

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For GeForce Cards
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For more than five years, CARDKEEPER® has been the card retention and stabilization solution for some of the industry’s leading gaming, animation, video editing, sound editing, medical device and engineering PC manufacturers.

CARDKEEPER Model CK03-1225

The “must have” for gamers, power users and PC aficionados alike, the CK03-1225 is designed to provide retention and lateral stability for heavy, large form-factor cards such as the NVIDIA® GeForce® 6 and 7 series GPUs (6800 and 7800 series), NVIDIA Quadro® and Quadro® FX professional graphics solutions, ATI X1800 and X1900 series graphics cards, Radeon® All-in-Wonder® X1800 and X1900 series multimedia cards, and FireGL™ professional graphics cards, and similar add-in cards. This model accommodates use of NVIDIA® SLI™ multi-GPU feature connector, as well as, a wide range of liquid cooling systems.

Compatability Notes

Please note that if your card has a metal bar running along the card that it will need to be removed before installing the CardKeeper - please check that your card allows the bar to be removed !

Not suitable for graphics cards with Arctic Silencer coolers or full size coolers which cover the edge of the circuit board.

Revised model suitable for GeForce 8800 and newer cards. 

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