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Matrix Orbital ELK204-7T-USB-WB-PL External Display

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LCD Display in Plastic Housing
Powered via USB Cable. White on Blue Display
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NEW!! This is an LK204-7T-1U-USB-WB contained in an external housing, so they can go just about anywhere. Our new enclosure features a threaded mounting hole on the back of the case so that itcan be easily mounted for better access and to maximize the viewing angle. These lightweight, durable, plastic enclosures feature a USB display with a 7 key tactile keypad and 3 tri-color LED's. Power and communication are provided by the attached USB cable for quick and easy setup.

Control of these LCD displays has been simplified to a set of commands delivered by USB. Meant to save time and money, we have worked to ensure that the tedious timing and special conditions typical of display controllers have been eliminated from our interface to help get your project to market faster.

NOTE: The LK204-7T-1U-USB-WB is a 20 character by 4 line USB display with a 7 key tactile keypad and 3 status indicating LEDs.


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