Powercool 24Pin ATX Extension 30cm Sleeved Blue

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Short description:
Single Braided Cable

Cable Description: 30cm 24-pin male to 24-pin female ATX 24-Pin Extension Braided Cable Blue

Cable Length: 30cm

Colour: Blue

Cable Specification: 18AWG(34/0.18)

Packaging: Blister Packed

Ultra Dense Weave Braided Cable

An ultra dense weave on the braid ensures that the cable is totally covered to both look good and protect the cable.

Multi-sleeved Construction

Each individual cable is wrapped in a luxurious ultra-dense weaved braid.

Multiple Colours and Cable Types

Available in various cable types and colours, to complete the unique look to your computer.

Premium Quality Cable Assembly

The cables are manufactured using the strictest standards to ensure each cable performs correctly.

Moulded Connectors

Every connector is precision moulded to ensure the correct standards for the size and shape.

Connector Type:
24-pin ATX


Braiding - Colour:
  • Blue

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