G5 Front Panel to ATX USB, Audio, Firewire, Power Cable

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Short description:
Convert G5 case power switch and ports

Cable description-1x 18 pin milli grid femaleconnector (Apple front panel board connector)-1x 10 pin ATX femaleinternal ?rewire connector.-1x 10 pin ATX female internal HD audioconnector.-1x 4 pin + 1 ATX female internal USB connector.-1x powerbutton female connector.-1x power led female connector-Lenght: 70cmaprox

The cable is compatible with all G5 front panel boards prior to the LATE2005 G5. This particular model has a different front panel board.Compatible front panel boards are Apple part nrº 922-5979, 630-4805 and820-1560


Connection diagram


When connecting the cable to your motherboard, payspecial attention to the diagram above. Is very importantyou locate the right connectors for the power button and led(its labels may change from motherboard to motherboard). Isalso necessary you connect the ?rewire header too (or usethe provided jumper if your system doesn have it).Firewire and audio headers have a ?key hole? (blocked hole)so they can be connected in one way only. Be speciallycarefulconecting the USB header: make sure the pin withthe embedded triangle goes to +5v (otherwise you can burnany device you connect to the port)How toconnect the GND jumperIf you requested the ?rewireGND jumper with your order it will be in place when you receive yourcable.Otherwise, if you wish to add it afterwards (or you?vetaken it out for some reason, etc) you will need to connect it in away that it runs from the free hole in the power button header tothe pin 3 on the ?rewire header.Remember, if your motherboarddoes not have ?rewire (AKA IEEE 1394) you need this jumper in place,otherwise the cable wont work.

AudioTheres some considerations aboutthe audio under OSX. The cable will ensure your audio gets routedfrom the internal port to the front panel, but if the driver you areusing doesnt enable the internal HDA port then there will be noaudio signal to route. Make sure your HDA kext (or whatever driveryou are using) enables the internal HDA header. Some GIGABYTE Z68and Z77 motherboards will need an audio sense jumper. This jumpershould connect pin 7 and 10 on the audio header like shown in thepicture below In other cases it will be enough to need to move theAUDIO SENSE crimp (inserted in the audio header?s key hole, PIN 8)to PIN 10 on the same connector. Audio sense function under OSXmight need kext patching.




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