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Motherboard Bundles 

NZXT GRID+ V2 Digital Fan Controller


Suggested Motherboard / Processor / RAM Bundles
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Das Keyboard 4

Das Keyboard 4


USB 3.0 Hub, Analogue Volume Dial, Thin Design
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Intel 600p SSD

Intel 600p

from 66.00

High performance NVMe M.2 SSDs
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GT Omega Office Chairs

GT Omega Racing Chair

169.00 (in-store only)

Racing Styled Office Chair
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Monsoon Fittings

Monsoon Watercooling Fittings

From 4.44

Beautiful watercooling fittings
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Ducky Shine 6 Keyboards

Ducky Shine 7


RGB Lighting, Software Control and mouse bungee
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Dual Arm Monitor Desk Mount

Vonhaus Dual Arm Monitor Desk Mount


For 13-27" screens with VESA Mount
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AOC AG241QG 24" 165Hz Monitor

AOC AG241QG 24" 165Hz Monitor


Ultra Fast Monitor with G-SYNC and 1440p
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EK Supremacy EVO Gold

EK Water Blocks EK-Supremacy EVO Gold


High performance CPU waterblock
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Cooler Master MasterBox 5 White

Cooler Master MasterBox 5 White


Clean design with 2 Fans Included
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Palit GTX 1060 3GB

Palit Geforce GTX 1060 3GB StormX


Mid-range graphics card
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NZXT H440 2015 Edition Case

NZXT H440 Cases


Includes PWM Fan Hub and PSU Shroud
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ModMyToys 4-Pin PWM Distribution 8-Way Low Profile

Mod My Toys PWM PCB


Slim Fan Power Splitter for PWM Control
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E22 Cable Comb 24 Slot Black

E22 Cable Comb


Tidy up sleeved cables into a neat layout
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2.4G Wireless Air Mouse / Remote Control

2.4G Wireless Air Mouse / Remote Control


Handy Control for HTPC or TVs
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Case / Modding Bits

Kustom PCs Shop |  Case / Modding Bits

Baybus / Switches

Switch on / off lights and fans, plus a wide range of switches for your PC.


Easy to use spray, ideal for changing the colour of components or a full case.

Bezels / Spares

Spare drive bezels and other spare case parts such as motherboard trays and mounts.

Braided Cables

A range of pre-braided extension and adapter cables to improve the look of wiring in your system.

Cable Tidying

Products to organise internal and external wiring, including spiral wrap, loom, fastenable braiding and expandable braiding / heatshrink.

Case Badges

A finishing touch to your front panel !

Case / Laptop Bags

For transporting your tower, monitor, console or laptop system - for commuting or to LAN Party events !

Case Feet

Metal and rubber feet for the base of your PC case - either to absorb vibration or just to improve looks.

Case Handles

Make your PC easier to transport with this range of case handles.

Case Trim / Edges

Parts to close off openings or cut edges - including sheets of mesh, and C-edging for lining fan holes and window cuts. Also includes tape and velcro fastenings.

Decals / Etches

Stock graphics and custom graphics to add to your case. Appliques (or Window Etches) are reversed semi-transparent graphics installed on the inside of a window to give the impression of etched glass.


Lighting for use with PC systems. Includes Cathodes, LED strips, LED lazers and molex housing lights.

LCD / VFD Displays

LCD or VFD displays designed to be mounted in your case - display system information, media playback info or notifications. Also used for integrated systems with no other external display.

Modding Services

Case modification services - change the colour of your case, add windows, fans and radiators.

Panels / Windows

Replacement case side panels, top panels, sheets of acrylic and plain aluminium panels.

Port Extensions

Front and rear port connections - extend or add additional USB or eSATA ports.

PSU Connectors

For building your own cables or changing / adding connectors to an existing power supply, a wide range of power supply connections and wiring are here. Also includes power switches.

Screws / Fixings

Thumbscrews, Security Screws, Fan screws, Card Retainers and a variety of fixing bolts.

Sound Proofing

Sound Proofing foams for PC cases, soft rubber feet and hard disk enclosures to reduce the noise and vibration from a PC system.

Switches / Wiring

Replacement power switches, cabling

Kustom PCs Shop |  Case / Modding Bits